Blue Rock-trush on the terrace

Here it is again eating some piece of fat.

Blue Rosk-trush meal

This picture is taken from our terrace which is a bit higher than the gîte. This bird, a Blue Rock-trush is very shy and you have to lie in wait, with the camera in place, as the slightest move, even behind the glass, makes it run away.

The Blue Rock-trush is back

The Blue Rock-trush is back, it just came and flew over the roof of the gîte, singing its theme.

This bird is fairly rare inside any village, but in Ansignan, it seems to like the gîte surrounding since a few years. It is nice to see it coming back years after years.

Blue Rock-thrush

Spring is coming

Spring is coming in Ansignan: The mimosa and almond trees have finished flowering, the daffodils are blooming, the rain stopped and the north wind which drove clouds away really was not cold this afternoon. The event of the day is the arrival of house martins. François saw 4 in Ansignan sky. These are the first of the year!